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Advancing within your career takes strategy. Employee satisfaction scores are highly related to how the organization has prioritized professional development for their employees. Employees will “professionally suffer in silence” within roles for years, due to lack of support, guidance and/or assistance from their direct leadership. Our services will allow you to take ownership in trailblazing your career path within any industry, organization and job role to accomplish your career goals.

Services offered:

  • Resume Audit

  • Interview Skills (Internal, External and Informational)

  • Career Planning

  • Salary Negotiating 

Consultation - Phone Call - Office will contact client.

30 mins. | $40

Service Description

Great for those interested in:

- Championing the ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

- Maximizing Resume Real Estate

- Digital Professional Portfolio Audit

- Job Interest Alignment

- Hiring Manager & Recruiter Insights

- Revision Recommendations

- Top Secret Strategies

- Career Clarity

- Career Planning

- Job Search Strategies

- Career Transitions

- Informational Interviews

- Leadership Accountability for Development



24/7 Client Portal Access Private Coaching & Consulting Sessions via Zoom or in-office. 

*You are booking a 30 minute $40 consultation to move forward with sessions.

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