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Ready to upgrade your money management skills?

Consultation - Phone Call - Office will contact client.

30 mins. | $40

Service Description

The Personal Cash Flow service is where generational wealth begins and new lifestyle practices are implemented. It’s a system we develop with clients to take back their personal finance power. We analyze your existing cash flow practices, identify challenges and develop customized system solutions. Our master budgeting plan is the ultimate money management blueprint to become more aware, disciplined and financially stable. We cover proper banking practices, bill payment methods, preparing to reach your saving goals and so much more.


Good money habits allow you to leverage new opportunities in business, life experiences and sets a standard for continues cash flow.


*Available for youth (high school) and college students with income.


Great for those experiencing:

- Overspending

- Living Paycheck to Paycheck

- Late Payments

- No Financial Discipline

- No Budget Plan

- Insufficient Funds

- No Saving Funds

- Lump Sum Payment



24/7 Client Portal Access Private Coaching & Consulting Sessions via Zoom

*You are booking a 30 minute $40 consultation to move forward with sessions.

*This service typically requires two 1-hour sessions minimum at $150 per session.

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