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Resume & Cover Letter professional auditing. 

Consultation - Phone Call - Office will contact client.

30 mins. | $40

Service Description

Become the job candidate of choice!

Securing your dream job starts with crafting a resume that properly reflects your professional background, skills and accomplishments. Professional qualifications are simply the baseline components of a resume with the ability to capture the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. There’s definitely a “secret” method to structuring your resume and cover letter for the hiring process. Strong resumes lead to interviews, promotions, new opportunities, salary increases, improved quality of life and so much more. We’re ready to equip you with the essentials to compete in the competitive employment pool as a viable candidate.


We’ll conduct a full review of your resume and cover letter, provide expert feedback and guidance on document revisions.


Audit includes:

- Championing the ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

- Maximizing Resume Real Estate

- Digital Professional Portfolio Audit

- Job Interest Alignment

- Hiring Manager & Recruiter Insights

- Revision Recommendations

- Top Secret Strategies



24/7 Client Portal Access

Private Coaching & Consulting Sessions via Zoom or In-office.

*You are booking a 30 minute $40 consultation to move forward with sessions.

*This service typically requires two 1-hour sessions minimum at $150 per session.

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